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Force Urbania: All You Need to Know About This Luxury Bus

Force Urbania: All You need to know about this Luxury Bus

When it comes to luxury travel, the Force URBANIA sets a standard in the industry. This state-of-the-art luxury bus is designed to provide a superior experience of comfort and convenience. Whether you’re planning a long road trip, a corporate get-together,…

Best-selling vans in India

6 Best-selling vans in India: Price and specifications

In India, vans are the most essential mode of communication. Vans are very affordable, spacious, and extremely adaptable. Let us understand the top 6 vans that are sold in India in this blog post, showcasing their characteristics, costs, and technical…

Electric Bus Sales Report

Electric Bus Sales Report: FY 17-18 to FY 23-24

The electric bus market in India is experiencing a surge in sales in 2024. As of April 29, 2024, a total of 1,571 electric buses have been sold. This report dives deeper into this trend, analyzing sales figures and growth…

Best Selling School Buses in India

11 Best-Selling School Buses in India

School buses are a vital part of the educational system. Often recognized by their large yellow bodies, complete with extending stop signs and flashing red lights, these buses ensure students’ safe transportation regardless of their location. Additionally, by providing students…

Best Selling Ambulance vehicles in India

8 Best Selling Ambulance Vehicles in India

The medical industry in India saw a much-needed overhaul during the pandemic. During this troubled time, demand for new age medical technology, equipment and transportation surged to new heights. Now coming to medical transportation, a majority of vehicles in use…

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