6 Best-selling vans in India: Price and specifications

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In India, vans are the most essential mode of communication. Vans are very affordable, spacious, and extremely adaptable. Let us understand the top 6 vans that are sold in India in this blog post, showcasing their characteristics, costs, and technical details.

1. Maruti Suzuki Eeco:

The price range begins at ₹5.32 lakhs.


Engine1.2-liter petrol engine
Horsepower73 horsepower
Seating Capacity5-7 individuals seating capacity
TransmissionManual 5-speed transmission

Indian consumers have always preferred the Maruti Suzuki Eeco because of its price and utility. The Eeco is a great option in its class since it provides good space, performance, and has cheap maintenance, and can be utilized as a family vehicle or for business.

2. Tata Winger:

The price range begins at ₹14 lakhs.


Engine2.2-liter diesel engine
Horsepower98 horsepower
Seating CapacityUp to 13 people seating capacity
TransmissionManual 5-speed transmission

The Tata Winger van has features like big cabin and bigger seats. The Winger offers a mix of performance, comfort, and dependability whether it is utilized as a passenger car or for business like for tourism and carrying small cargo.

3. Force Motors Traveller:

Price Range: Starting from ₹15.5 lakhs


Engine2.6-liter diesel engine
Power90 bhp
Seating CapacityUp to 15 passengers seating capacity
TransmissionManual 5-speed transmission

The Force Motors traveller is the best choice for the hospitality and tourism industry. It’s a large cabin with bigger space and comfortable seats. The build quality is very strong with good safety features. It is mostly used for Intercity travelling.

4. Toyota Hiace:

Price Range: Starting from ₹35 lakhs lakhs


Engine2.8-liter diesel engine
Power151 bhp
Seating CapacityUp to 14 passengers seating capacity
Transmission5-speed manual / automatic transmission

The Toyota Hiace is known for its luxury. It has premium features with a powerful engine. It targets the luxury segment which provides comfort, style and safety at the same time

5. Tata Magic Express:

Price Range: Starting from ₹7.14 lakhs


Engine4 stroke DICOR BS6 Engine DOC + DPF & SCR System Turbo-charged, Inter-cooled, diesel
Seating CapacityUpto 10 passengers seating capacity
Transmission5-speed manual transmission

Tata Magic is one of the best creations by Tata Motors. Its compact but still useful to carry up to 10 passengers including the driver. Its design makes it easily fit into any kind of rural as well as urban challenges. Its not only used for commutation of passengers but also used for transportation of goods and cargo.

6. Mahindra Jeeto MiniVan:

Price Range: Starting from ₹4 lakhs


EngineWater-cooled diesel engine
Seating CapacityUpto 7 passengers seating capacity
Transmission4-speed manual transmission

Mahindra Jeeto Mini Van is an extremely compact van which can carry up to 5-6 passengers. It comes with mechanical steering. Mahindra has improved its seating comfort. The Jeeto MiniVan has some useful features in the cabin like a mobile charger point and a optional music system to make the journey more comfortable.

At last, One can understand that India has a wide range of vans that are available in the market that target different segments of people. One can prefer the Maruti Suzuki and its reliability where as the other can prefer the luxury of Toyota. But at the end of the day,  vans make the life of people easy and smooth by being affordable and versatile at the same time. It is the most reliable mode of transportation in India.

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