Top 10 Largest Tomato Producing States in India

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Tomatoes are essential to our daily lives, due to their rich nutrition. Although there is only one fundamental color for tomatoes, red, there are currently several varieties, including hybrid and local varieties, accessible on the vegetable market. The tomato is an adaptable fruit or vegetable that is used in Indian cooking to enhance flavor and nutrition in a variety of recipes. The top ten tomato-producing states make a substantial contribution in the production of tomatoes.  We should thank the favorable climate, fertile plains, and the Indian farmers, who play a significant role in keeping us healthy.

1. Madhya Pradesh

According to the data for 2021-22, Madhya Pradesh is the largest producer of tomatoes with 14.63 % across India. The state with its vast agricultural landscape and irrigation facilities, Madhya Pradesh secures the first position in the production of tomatoes. Indore and Jabalpur are prominent cities that are leveraging modern farming techniques. It mainly focuses on tomato production and reflects the importance of the state’s agricultural sector

2. Andhra Pradesh

Andhra Pradesh plays a vital role in tomato production in India.  While recent reports indicate Andhra Pradesh may be the second-largest producer of tomatoes nationally, it has previously occupied the top position. The state’s climate is favorable for tomato growth and Andhra Pradesh supplies tomatoes not only within its borders but also to neighboring states. The rich alluvial soil of regions like Chittoor and Anantapur ensures plentiful harvests year-round. Kurnool, Chittoor, Prakasam, and Ranga Reddy districts are the leading producers within Andhra Pradesh.

3. Karnataka

Karnataka is a major tomato producer in India, with Kolar district being particularly famous for its tomato production. Karnataka comes under the top ten tomato-producing states, leveraging three farming seasons including rabi, kharif, and summer which is favorable throughout the year for tomato production. According to the latest data for 2021-22, Karnataka has grown 10.23% of Tomatoes and is listed as the largest tomato-producing state. The state plays a significant role in supplying tomatoes to various regions within the country. 

4. Maharashtra

Maharashtra is the biggest contributor to fulfilling the demand for tomatoes with its larger production of tomatoes in India. Regions like Nashik, Pune, and Beed are particularly known for their tomato production. For the production of tomatoes, drip irrigation is becoming increasingly popular and helping farmers to fight against drought. The production of tomatoes fluctuates, depending on factors like rainfall patterns and acreage. Sometimes, the largest production of tomatoes can lead to situations where high yields cause a sudden price drop, while other times scarcity of tomatoes pushes prices up.

5. Gujarat

Gujarat is a major tomato producer in India, ranking fifth on the list. The state produces around 6.87% of the total Indian production. While the national average yield is around 20-25 tons per hectare, Gujarat has been working on improving this number with the development of high-yielding varieties like Gujarat Tomato. Anand, Kheda, and Gandhinagar are among the leading tomato-growing districts in the state.

6. Telangana

Telangana emerges as a significant tomato-producing state with cultivation area reaching around 0.57 lakh hectares. Regions like Khammam and Warangal contribute significantly to the production. Telangana has produced 6.15 lakh tons of tomatoes in the year 2022-23. While tomatoes are grown throughout the year, Medak, Mahabubnagar, and Ranga Reddy districts are the leading producers. Interestingly, tomato farming can be a gamble for farmers.  Fluctuations in price can result in windfall profits, like those seen in 2023.

7. Uttar Pradesh

Uttar Pradesh, with its vast agricultural expanse, features prominently in tomato production. Uttar Pradesh is a major tomato producer in India. Studies indicate a rapid increment in tomato production in Uttar Pradesh. This growth rate surpasses the national average. Eastern Uttar Pradesh benefits economically from this tomato production and the state has adopted new technologies for the production of tomatoes. Districts such as Meerut and Varanasi harness the fertile Gangetic plains to cultivate tomatoes in abundance.

8. Bihar

Bihar’s agricultural landscape is characterized by fertile plains and adequate water resources which support substantial tomato production. Whole Bihar as well as regions like Vaishali and Patna witness intensive farming practices, bolstering the state’s tomato production. Bihar ranks as a significant tomato producer in India, according to the National Horticulture Board. Data suggests it contributes around 4.68% of the country’s total tomato production. While not the leading producer, Bihar’s tomato cultivation plays a crucial role in the national supply chain.  

9. West Bengal

West Bengal consists of diverse agro-climatic zones that facilitate tomato production across the state. West Bengal is a significant contributor to tomato production in India.  While not being the leading producer, the state cultivates tomatoes on over half a lakh hectares of land, yielding around 1,284 tons annually. Interestingly, due to West Bengal’s climate, tomatoes can potentially be grown year-round. Districts like Nadia and Murshidabad capitalize on favorable weather conditions to produce tomatoes year-round.

10. Odisha

Odisha’s coastal plains and moderate climate offer conducive conditions for the production of tomatoes. Odisha is a growing player in tomato production within India. While not a national leader, the state has areas particularly suited to tomato cultivation with Keonjhar, Mayurbhanj, Balangir, Ganjam, and Sundargarh being the major producers. The climate, especially during the Rabi season, allows for good production of tomatoes. Districts such as Cuttack and Khordha contribute significantly to the state’s tomato production, meeting both local demand and supply to neighboring states.


In addition to being the agricultural engine of India, these top 10 tomato-producing states also contribute significantly to the nation’s food security and the livelihoods of millions of farmers. The development of infrastructure, improved market accessibility, and ongoing farming techniques will all contribute to the future growth and profitability of India’s tomato business. 

Tomatoes are the foundation of Indian cooking, representing the essence of flavor and heritage in everything from piquant curries to tart chutneys. The story of tomato production in India is being shaped by persistence, ingenuity, and plenty as these states persist in cultivating and harvesting this multipurpose fruit tomato.

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